Display Stand Hire

Registration Desk Counter hire
H2400 x W1000 x D500
D ESD19 - £142.00
Registration Counter 2m hire
H2400 x W2000 x D500
D ESD19-2M - £278.00
Angled Shelves White or Black hire
H0 x W900 x D430
DS19-AS - £16.00
Flat Shelf in Black or White hire
H0 x W900 x D340
DS19-FS - £16.00
A4 Literature carousel - 12 pockets hire
H1530 x W540 x D540
DS22 - £96.00
7 Sided Literature Stand hire
H1650 x W290 x D290
DS23 - £70.00
A3 7 Sided Literature Stand hire
H1650 x W510 x D290
DS24 - £127.00
3-shelf display stand hire
H810 x W800 x D455
DS25 - £53.00
4-shelf display stand hire
H1160 x W800 x D455
DS26 - £63.00
5-shelf display stand hire
H1500 x W800 x D455
DS27 - £75.00
2-shelf cubic display hire
H760 x W605 x D605
DS29 - £45.00
3-shelf cubic display hire
H1170 x W605 x D605
DS30 - £58.00
4-shelf cubic display hire
H1620 x W605 x D605
DS31 - £69.00
Video stand hire
H1170 x W605 x D605
DS32 - £62.00
Chrome 4 Sided Literature Rack hire
H1000 x W290 x D290
DS33 - £55.00
A4 Perspex literature holder hire
H250 x W225 x D35
DS34 - £18.00
Wheeljack Literature Stand hire
H1365 x W300 x D300
DS35 - £70.00
4 Shelf (3 Angled) Chrome Rack hire
H1630 x W990 x D450
DS37 - £78.00
A4 Zed up Brochure Stand hire
H1500 x W275 x D370
DS38 - £78.00
A3 Zed up Brochure Stand hire
H1500 x W485 x D370
DS39 - £148.00
Chrome Rail Leather Display Stand hire
H1500 x W910 x D450
DS40 - £62.00
Europalite Illuminated Counter 60w hire
H1060 x W675 x D345
DS44 - £215.00
Gadsdon Aluminium All Weather Promoter hire
H1000 x W700 x D500
DS45 - £98.00
Gideon Display Lecturn (graphic separate) hire
H980 x W1000 x D500
DS49 - £145.00
Gideon Display Graphic hire
H0 x W615 x D740
DS49-G - £135.00
Angle display unit hire
H300 x W700 x D0
DS-S - £11.00
DVD Player hire
H45 x W340 x D210
DVD01 - £135.00
Universal IPAD Stand hire
H1131 x W368 x D277
IPS02 - £92.00
32'' TV Digital LED USB/ PVR hire
H520 x W800 x D80
TV032 - £260.00
TV and Stand hire
H1200 x W735 x D455
TV033 - £335.00
TV Mounted Lockable Stand hire
H2400 x W1000 x D620
TV034 - £545.00
43'' 4K HDR UHD Digital TV LED USB hire
H560 x W970 x D60
TV042 - £365.00
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